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A Diamond Reputation

Customer service sparkles at Dunkin's Diamonds

Customer satisfaction is my number one priority. I have been in the jewelry business for over 55 years, with all of that experience I have applied my best to offer the best prices and quality service to the point where I have achieved many raving fans. We have many loyal customers who appreciate the way we do business. Our tremendous success is made possible by our great customers and superb staff.

Testimonials from very satisfied customers.

“From the minute you walk in, you can feel that the people there are honest, helpful and not at all aggressive, ... we’ve never encountered a place and a staff that has made the whole experience fun, stress-free and just a real delight,” -Marlene Price

“Our experiences with them have been fantastic, ... They always have exactly what we are looking for, and the service we get from the staff there is why we keep going back.” - Brian and Sunni Hammermeister

These kinds of clients make me beam with pride as I realize that my passion for the jewelry industry was my true calling. 

I’ve always been passionate about first-class customer service, and I feel that has been a huge reason for the amount of repeat customers we have.
Staying vital in the jewelry business is the key to success, I am always on the lookout for the latest consumer-driven trends in unique custom jewelry and high-end gemstones, I can create any diamond design you can imagine. My trade name, “The Diamond Man,” came naturally over the decades of providing clients with only the finest quality and innovative diamonds and designs, coupled with unparalleled customer service. The diamond business is what I know, and I’m thankful that friends and customers appreciate the way we do business.