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Peace of Mind Diamond Guarantee

Dunkin's Diamonds guarantees for life, your diamond against loss from mounting, chipping and breaking at no cost to you, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Your diamond must be inspected and noted every 6 months by a Dunkin's Diamonds' associate.
  • The diamond registered must not be subjected to unusual abuse or damage

Dunkin's Diamonds guarantees, that should you wish to trade in your diamond solitaire jewelry (rings, earrings or pendants), you may use our lifetime exchange option and receive its full purchase price towards any other merchandise for equal or greater value.

Dunkin's Diamonds guarantees, your mounting has been expertly crafted to bring years of enjoyment. However, that does not include normal wear of the mounting, thinning of prongs, shanks or tightening of loose diamonds.

Dunkin's Diamonds guarantees, that with the purchase of an engagement ring, you will receive a complimentary discount on wedding bands.

Timepiece Guarantee

Dunkin's Diamonds offers the Manufacturer's guarantee for all timepieces.

Dunkin's Diamonds guarantees to provide your timepiece with replacement batteries for life.